I offer a variety of services in addition to in-house and remote training opportunities.
Many workplace disputes can be resolved through mediation. Mediation allows a third party neutral to identify and clarify issues and areas of disagreement such as alternatives for reasonable accommodations. Mediation can often result in a faster, more cost effective avenue for problem solving and can carry the added benefit of maintaining and mending workplace relationships.  


Policy Review and Model Policies


In addition to providing models policies, I can review your existing policies and make suggestions for increasing their effectiveness.

In-house Investigations and Case Consultations
Solve problems before they reach the EEOC complaint stage. I offer a full array of in-house investigative services.  Workplace accommodation request becoming the subject of dispute? Co-workers engaging in borderline disability harassing behavior? Have a growing number of complaints about a particular supervisor's treatment of employees with disabilities?  I am available to consult on these and other issues.  Solve developing problems before they ever reach the complaint stage.
Training Videos


I offer a variety of training videos from my Got a Minute? training videos that allow the user to learn the rules of the road on common workplace disability-related issues in an immediate and efficient way