Training Topics


The ADA Basics: Who is a person with a disability? What is an essential function? What does it mean to be qualified? When do I have to reassign someone?


The ADA and Medical Exams and Inquiries: Learn the three phases of the hiring process and the rules that apply to each.


The ADA and the Drug and Alcohol Rules


The ADA and Crafting and Implementing an Effective Reasonable Accommodation Policy and Process 

The ADA and Reasonable Accommodations for Employees with Psychiatric Disabilities

The ADA and How to Use Technology to Accommodate Individuals with Vison, Hearing and Mobility Impairments

The ADA Leave and Return to Work Issues

The ADA and the FMLA: The Basics

The New Section 501 Rule: The EEOC recently issued a new rule governing the hiring of individuals with disabilities.  Learn how these changes impact federal hiring.

Building and Maintaining a Disability Inclusive Workplace

Invisible Bias: How Law, Media and Culture Combine to Create Negative Stereotypes of People with Disabilities that Can Influence Hiring Decisions

Public Accommodations

The ADA in the Healthcare Setting

The ADA and Service Animals in Public Accommodation/Retail Settings


The ADA and Transportation: Basic Rules of the Road (and Rail)

The ADA and Criminal Justice: Learn the Obligations of Law Enforcement, Courts and Prisons and Jails